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What is the Mommy Makeover

What is the Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover procedure varies from clinic to clinic. The procedure is to remake the woman’s body after the wringer it has been dragged through. From the stomach stretching during the pregnancy to the breast feeding that does a number on the woman’s breast.


Visiting a clinic, a patient can expect to have any combination of the following to take place:

Breast Augmentation –  surgical procedure to increase the size of the breast

Breast Lift – procedure that doesn’t change the size but rather reshapes the breasts. Many stints breastfeeding children can cause the breasts to sag. This procedure corrects that issue.

Breast Reduction – as the name implies, a procedure to decrease breast size. This could be to alleviate back pain as much as a cosmetic procedure

Buttock Lift – along with the breasts, the rear end tends to sag after pregnancy

Liposuction – much attention is paid to breast and rear end but hips, thighs, abs, and arms tend to sag as well. This process addresses issues in those areas.

Tummy Tuck Surgery –  removal of excess skin in the abdomen area. This is ground zero for the stretching to accommodate a baby.

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