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A Closer Look at Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons that are featured on reality television generally focus on a couple of procedures. Breast augmentation and liposuction. They are easily identifiable and make for good salacious television. In reality, these doctors do a lot more mundane procedures that do not titillate viewers like the above procedures. One such procedure is eyelid surgery. Liposuction […]

The True Costs of A.B.A.

Parents of autistic children (I am one) will tell you that one of the first red flags encountered is a lack of speech development in their child. For others, it can be anger management or mood swings but for many it is a lack of speech. Now the autism spectrum is a very broad one […]

Weight Loss Surgery Under Obama Care

In the midst of the screaming and hollering about the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA), there still is an unacceptable lack of delving into what will be covered and what will not and why. All you see on cable news is reporting at the extremes. This is the greatest piece of legislation ever […]

Plastic Surgery a Cure for Bullying?

Last August, a 14 year old teenage girl from Georgia named Nadia Ilse had plastic surgery performed to address a facial deformity. That this happened was not particularly noteworthy. How and why it happened are a big deal. How did this happen? Nadia’s family received a $40,000 grant from the Little Baby Face Foundation. The […]

What is the Mommy Makeover

What is the Mommy Makeover? The Mommy Makeover procedure varies from clinic to clinic. The procedure is to remake the woman’s body after the wringer it has been dragged through. From the stomach stretching during the pregnancy to the breast feeding that does a number on the woman’s breast.   Visiting a clinic, a patient can expect to have any combination […]

Cosmetic Surgery Under ObamaCare

Regardless of your stance on ObamaCare, the one thing that is not in dispute is the sheer complexity of the legislation. How each field of medicine is effected is still very much unknown. The field of cosmetic surgery is no different. Cosmetic procedures are overwhelmingly elective meaning that insurance does not pay for them so […]